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We understand that your dog is of great importance to you and are welcome to visit Moonstone’s before attending your appointment, you will see for yourself your dog will be well cared for.

Our aim is for your dog to enjoy the experience of being groomed but understand that not all dogs feel the love of being clean and tidy. We make the experience as stress free and pleasurable so your furry friend returns home happy, smelling good and looking their best.

Our customers comment on how good their dog looks and smells several weeks after their visit. This makes us feel happy that our customers appreciate the care that has gone into choosing the right grooming products for the salon.

Our shampoos are high quality products for all types of coats and skins types, we have a special selection of sensitive shampoos and are also happy to use your own medicated products, please make us aware if your dog requires a sensitive shampoo.

Depending on breed we generally allow 2-3 hours to groom a dog. We don’t offer a while you wait service as we find this tends to upset your dog if he/she knows you are in the salon. They tend to settle better when left, in exceptional circumstances we allow owners to wait but this must be arranged prior to the grooming session.

We have a Loyalty Scheme at  Moonstone’s to show our appreciation to our customers, on your 5th groom we give you 15% off the grooming session, the 1st and 5th must be within 18months of each other.

Nervous or Aggressive Dogs

Please tell us if your dog has a tendency to be badly behaved or show aggression, we appreciate being inform prior to arrival as more time may needed to be allocated which may result in extra charge, we all value our fingers here at Moonstones so appreciate advance warnings.

Unlike some Salons we are happy to take on nervous or aggressive dogs, we believe that with a calming atmosphere and patience we can groom even the most highly strung dog, it is always rewarding to see an unhappy dog walk out the salon with a wag in his/her tail.

Missed Appointments and Cancellations

Missed Appointments and Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged.

First time you will be charged £10.00p per dog, second time you will be charged full groom per dog if you miss a third appointment you may be removed from our books.

We may also ask for a non-returnable deposit to confirm an appointment.