Our full grooming service includes:

  • Bathing – we use high quality shampoos each to suit your dog’s coat type and skin condition. Conditioner is used when necessary. We are happy to use your own medicated shampoo if required.
  • Blow drying and fluff drying where necessary
  • Brushing out and removing minor matts
  • Clipping/ Scissoring styling to your requirements
  • Ear cleaning/plucking
  • Nail clipping
  • Anal glands are also done by your request.
  • Finishing spray

At Moonstone we groom to your requirements so we are happy to style how you want and not always to breed standard.

Other services

Short coated breeds that don’t require clipping or scissoring are also catered for, we bath, de-shed and check ears and nails.

It is not always necessary for a full groom sometimes you may require just a bath between full grooms or a brush out we can carry any requirements to keep your dog in tip top condition between grooms.

Nail Clipping we ask for a sensible donation to our charity bucket.

Puppies (up to 4 months)

Introducing puppies to the grooming salon at an early age is a good idea to get them used to a grooming routine and also being left by Mum or Dad in a safe environment.

This includes bathing drying, tidying feet and face and checking ears and nails.

Overdue/ Matted coats

If your dog’s coat is excessively matted it is not always possible to remove these with brushing/dematting alone and may require clipping out this is due to causing too much stress and also being too painful for your dog. There is usually an extra charge for this depending on time and extra products used to get coat back into a good condition. Please maintain your dog in a good condition for best results.

Please note your options of style may be reduced in accordance to the coat condition, health and temperament of your dog!